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108” E-2 Cub designed and built by Jim Messer


90” Ercoupe built by Richard Hurst of Farmington, MN.


72” Ercoupe designed and built by Jim Messer


84” Funk B85C built by John Erickson of Salem, OR.


84” Funk built by Robert Fhaner of Prudenville, MI.


120” J-3 Kitten built by Russ Miller of Leicester, MA


144” J4-E Cub Coupe built by Richard Patrick of Greensburg, PA.


144" J4-E built by Jake Perkins.

117’ Kinner Sportster with Saito R325 radial engine. Built be Tom Blunt of Louisville, KY.


78” Kinner built by Norman Anderson who soloed in a Kinner in 1944. Norman is from Newport, RI.


117” Kinner Sportster built by William Riley of Covington, VA.


117” Kinner under construction by M. Russell

93” Nakajima Ki-27 powered by Zenoah G38 built by Fred DeGroff of NC.


81” Pietenpol Sky Scout built by Clyde Norell of Rochester, MN.



76” QuarterMaster built by Tom Salvemini of Avon, NY.


80” Clipped Wing T’Craft built by Bill Baldiga of Falls Church, VA.

76" T-Craft built by Ted Williams, Rushville, NY.


100” Piper Tomahawk built by Floyd Rogers of Valdosta, GA.