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Tarvin Model Products are pleased to announce the release of our new aluminum strap hinges!

We saw the need for a hinge for use on large scale models where traditional plastic hinges may not be strong enough. We also wanted them to be as versatile as possible, so that they could be used in as many configurations as possible, as well as having a removable hinge pin so that the control surfaces can be removable.

This is what we came up with:

They are made from aircraft grade aluminum and have serrations along the edges to ensure that when they are epoxied in place, they will not pull out. They come from the factory with a tiny pilot hole that can be opened up to the desired diameter by the user.

The hinge on the right has been drilled out to 1/16" for a 1/16" piano wire hinge pin. The one on the left has been drilled to fit a short length of nylon push rod to act as a bearing.

Here they are on a 1/16" hinge pin. Used in this way these are ideal for removable control surfaces where the pin is slid through a plastic tube embedded in the control surface.

They can also be used in twos and threes. In this application they are pinned with a 2-56 stainless steel shoulder bolt and stainless lock nut:

Here is a single shear configuration.

Here is a double shear configuration.

Using the precision ground 2-56 stainless steel shoulder bolt and nut as a hinge pin also allows the control surfaces to be removable where access is available. Drill hinge with a 3/32" drill bit for this application.

You purchase the hinge body by itself and use the configuration and pin type of your choice. Two lengths of stainless shoulder bolt and miniature nuts are also available.

You can see them in use here at Dr. Ken Lawson's "Kreutzer Air Coach" build:


Hinges are sold individually. You order what you need. No more coming up short by one or two hinges and having to order another package!


  • Strap Hinge: $1.44 ea
  • Shoulder Bolt-1/8": $1.05 ea
  • Shoulder Bolt-3/16": $1.12 ea
  • Mini Lock Nut: $0.56 ea

Paypal funds, with product description to: tarvin@shaw.ca
Please contact us for other forms of payment: tarvin@shaw.ca