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J3 Kitten

The J3 Kitten is a 1/3 scale model of the very popular Ultralight of the 80's. It features a two piece wing for easy transportation. The wing struts can stay mounted to the wing for storage. The tail assembly is also designed for removal if you have a small car. Construction is standard balsa and ply and the prototype was covered in Ceconite. The Kitten will do the same type aerobatics as a standard J3 Cub. There are many color schemes for this plane if you want something different than the same old Cub everyone else has.

Wingspan- 120"

Wing area- 1900 sq.ft.

Weight- 20-22 lbs.

Power- 42 to 52 cc.

Plans- $38

Cowl- $36

Wheel pants- $32


Add $15.00 for plans, $15.00 for fiberglass parts.




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