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J4-E Cub Coupe

The J4-E is a beautiful flying plane. It is not for the inexperienced builder. If you have done a couple scratch built projects you should be able to build this plane. The wing is 3 piece with scale airfoils. It is built with aluminum tube spars. The plane is of conventional wood construction.

Wingspan - 144"
Wing cord - 20.75"
Wing area - 2988 sq. in.

Length - 89"
Power - 60-75cc
Weight - 28-32 lbs.

Plans $50
Cowl $50
Wheel pants $38


Add $15.00 for plans, $15.00 for fiberglass parts.

Documentation packs are available.


Paypal funds, with product description to: tarvin@shaw.ca
Please contact us for other forms of payment: tarvin@shaw.ca

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