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Kinner Sportster

The Kinner Sportster is an excellent flying plane and quite competitive on the contest circuit. The plane has had many major wins in both this country and abroad. Its wide stance landing gear makes take off and landings a breeze.

It features two piece wings and removable tail for ease of transport. Construction is conventional using balsa, bass and ply. The plane was covered in Ceconite and finished in acrylic paint. Many have also been built using some of the popular 5 cylinder engines on the market.

Documentation packs available.

1/4 Scale Kinner

Wingspan – 117”

Wing area – 2100 sq.in.

Weight – 22-24 lbs.

Power – 42 cc or similar

Plans - $38

Cowl - $34

Shipping:Add $15.00 for plans, $15.00 for fiberglass parts.



1/6 scale Kinner

Wingspan – 78”

Wing area –1386 sq.in.

Weight – 8-10 lbs.

Power – .61-70 F.S.

Plans - $26


Add $15.00 for plans.


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